Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A welcomed day off

I've noticed, since moving to Munising, the fog in the morning rolls in and out, and then before you know it, everything is clear. Kind of like the way my mind works!
My kayak has been laying around near the waters edge, just waiting to get wet other than from rain, but it's been just a tad bit too cool to get out there comfortably w/out a wetsuit. I'm hoping the weather becomes more like summer pretty soon, or like this past March, when we had 80 degrees! These rainy, grey days have not gone to waste as I have been finishing up my organizing of the new digs and making the place look like home. It's been fun unearthing treasures I've had wrapped and boxed since I moved back in January of '11 and never unpacked in the Chatham house since I was only renting and that house was for sale. I never knew when I was going to get evicted if it sold, so I didn't get as comfortable as I would have liked had it been my 'home' home.

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  1. went to the "old" blog spot and this one came up, so you shouldn't have anything to fret about. Besides, it is under klondikejane and not really Chatham aetc.