Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nautical children

My 21 year old son, Jeff, just called from the pushboat he is on in the Pearl River near the Gulf and wanted me to google jellyfish. Apparently, he wanted to take a dive off the bow into the water but there are tons of little jellyfish in it. So, he scooped one up in a bucket and tried to describe it to me so I could tell him if it was venemous or not! In the end, the old adage, 'if in doubt, don't' won out and he didn't go in. Kids!!
The wind here in the Keweenaw is so, well, windy, it's unreal! I hope my 19 year old daughter, Amy, can get home today. She works on the Ranger III that takes passengers from Houghton, MI to Isle Royale National Park. The boat rides high in the water, so it tends to bounce around a bit. It just occurred to me that two-thirds of my children work on boats. Their Grandfather would be proud!