Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow!

Woke up this morning to a couple inches of the white stuff on the ground. Brinkley, my almost 2 year-old Old English Sheepdog went nuts! He loves the snow and, I'm sure, appreciates the colder temperature. Now, if only I had photos to share of this blessed event.....see, I don't have a connector from my camera to the computer, which makes for slow posting of photos. I think you can tell this photo of Brinkley isn't from today! I'll put a new camera on my Christmas wish list, I guess. That's all from the island---Phyllis

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nautical children

My 21 year old son, Jeff, just called from the pushboat he is on in the Pearl River near the Gulf and wanted me to google jellyfish. Apparently, he wanted to take a dive off the bow into the water but there are tons of little jellyfish in it. So, he scooped one up in a bucket and tried to describe it to me so I could tell him if it was venemous or not! In the end, the old adage, 'if in doubt, don't' won out and he didn't go in. Kids!!
The wind here in the Keweenaw is so, well, windy, it's unreal! I hope my 19 year old daughter, Amy, can get home today. She works on the Ranger III that takes passengers from Houghton, MI to Isle Royale National Park. The boat rides high in the water, so it tends to bounce around a bit. It just occurred to me that two-thirds of my children work on boats. Their Grandfather would be proud!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hi, my name is Phyllis, and in my spare time, I will be writing about some of the things I do in the Keweenaw, which is the northern-most county in the state of Michigan. We have harsh, long winters, and if there is anyone who appreciates spring and summer, it is the people who live in Keweenaw County! I hope to publish photos for you to enjoy as well as entice you to visit this area of rugged beauty. The Keweenaw is surrounded by water, and actually, I live on an island, so if I mention the mainland, I'm most likely referring to Houghton, MI. and points south of there. That's it for now, as I have to set up this web site!