Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chatham in January

My sister, Ginny, asked to see photos of the house I'm renting in Chatham, which is 17 miles from my job in Munising. Actually, a few people have asked to see photos of my new digs, so here they are. Mind you, this house is for sale and I'm not advertising it, really! I so don't want to move again, but if the house does sell, I'll certainly have to move. I like this house and who knows, maybe I'll buy it!!
Photo out of sequence, but, hey, it's Brinkley!
Notice the nicely cleared drive! That takes work, baby! So, enough of the outside, here's great photos of the inside. I spared you the bedrooms and full bath. I'll tell you this, the upstairs bath looks like the downstairs, only there's a double sink, bathtub/shower combo, same style toilet and carpeting-yes, carpeting in the bathroom! Not my favorite, but I've warmed up (literally) to it. The bedrooms are huge, but the www does not need to see my bedroom. Also, I don't have much on the walls because I don't feel like I should start putting holes in the walls! So I've hung stuff wherever there are existing holes.

I LOVE this kitchen!
And finally, the sewing room. Now, it may appear messy, but believe me when I say this, it's really creative organized chaos, but chaos is such a harsh word!
I have been working on finishing some quilts I started long ago.My favorite saying is 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step', which is how I look at my UFO's (unfininished objects).
The carpeting on the stairs looks dirty in these photos, but it truly isn't!
Brinkley loves it here, so much room to run around, carpeting to sleep on, stairs to bound! Well, there you have it, my home in Chatham.

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  1. Hey, I finally figure dout how to post a comment thanks to Christian. Love, love your house, especially the kitchen. Glad the new job is going well for you and glad Brinkly is glad calling Chatham home. Wish I lived closer, ack Maine is a long way away.
    Love the blog, keep it going. Always, Dayna